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promotion day

Having just had our promotion day celebration, I was wondering what other Ks do. We are a building of 3 pre-k rooms and 6 ks (3 am/pm, 3 full day). We had our promotion day on Tuesday, although th kids still attend mornings only until Friday. The kids sang 3 songs - one cute one to the tune of the Addams Family, This Land Is Your Land (Greg and Steve), and our closer was our traditional "World Is A Rainbow" (Greg and Steve), which due to our multi-ethnic and multi-lingual population is very fitting. We also did 2 poems - K Is For Kindergarten, and I'm A Little Star. We did 3 ams and 2 full days in the morning together, and 3 pms and the remaining full day in the afternoon. The kids did a processional out, and we met the parents in the basement area for cake and juice (the basement was nice and cool!). Parents were encouraged to take their kids home after the celebration, although of course, us full-days had a few leftovers because the parents had to work. It went well, but for a few years we didn't have the ceremony because our principal didn't think it was age-appropriate. I sort of agree, but the parents love it so much. Anyway, new principal, back to promotion day. We also have a picnic at the park on the last day of school, and families are invited to stay.

So, what do you all do to celebrate the end of the year?
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